A Disneyland Paris case study

You’re reading it correctly : on average, if we add all the expenses a guest makes during a visit to Disneyland Paris, admission ticket included, the sum of it all is less than the average admission ticket itself!

This curious anomaly only exists because of the countless discounts on admission tickets, hotel stays and annual passes. Nevertheless, guest expense remains very low at DLP, and in this context it makes sense to wonder if the merchandising and restauration offer meets guest expectations in terms of quality, diversity, and overall value for money.

Let’s do the maths:

69€ : 1 day 2 parks admission ticket price – the best selling ticket – in 2010, taxes included.

56€: average amount of spending per guest, including admission ticket, food and beverage and merchandising expenses, plus other theme park services like guided tours, calculated on an average tax rate of 19,5 %.

Source: EuroDisney 2010 annual report document.


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