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A Guided Tour of Disneyland Paris with Tony Baxter

As a part of Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary celebrations, Disney organized a very special event for a handful of lucky DLP long-time lovers: a guided tour of the park with the man who supervised its design: Walt Disney Imagineering legend Tony Baxter.

He’s the person you should thank for making Disneyland Paris’ castle so elaborate and romantic, with square trees and a fire breathing dragon underneath. The one who decided to put Big Thunder Mountain on an island because why not?! The man who made the most spectacular Disney castle park ever made, with dozens of highly detailed walkthrough attractions. The list goes on and on.

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My Top 20 Best Dark Rides in the World

A few months ago, The Los Angeles Times columnist dedicated to theme parks posted a Top 25 Best Dark rides in the world. Of course it wouldn’t be an online listing article if it didn’t include some divisive choices. And a lot of questions as well. Why it didn’t include hybrid dark rides like immersive water rides, free fall towers and rollercoasters? Why it didn’t feature the fantastic Spaceship Earth and Gringotts? And how is the half-baked Ratatouille ranked number 3, before Mystic Manor and best-attraction-in-the-world-Spider-Man?

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A complete video walkthrough of all the Disney parks


A défaut de pouvoir visiter tous les parcs Disney du monde, une certaine catégorie de vidéos permet à chacun de se balader dedans : les walkthroughs. Voici une compilation des meilleures vidéos walkthrough glanées sur les internettes. Bien qu’Epcot m’ait laissé un souvenir pour le moins mitigé, c’est pourtant le walkthrough que je pourrais regarder chaque soir avant de m’endormir (ne ratez pas la version by night!). Naturellement, ceux de Tokyo Disney Resort sont immanquables également! Je suis curieux de connaitre vos préférés. Bon visionnage, j’espère que vous avez du temps, beaucoup de temps devant vous!

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